Why I Make Documentaries. On Observational Filmmaking




Why I Make Documentaries. On Observational Filmmaking
Soda Kazuhiro
Realizzato grazie al sostegno della/Supported by the Japan Foundation
Curato da/Edited by Silvio Grasselli
Tradotto da/Translated by Matt Schley
Ed. Viaindustriae publishing

pp. 208, 11×20 cm, eng
ISBN 978-88-97753-85-8
20 €

“What is a documentary?” “Why do I make documentaries?”. Soda Kazuhiro – one of the most prominent Japanese filmmakers, who has based his documentarist career on a radically independent filmmaking method, – writes this reflexive diary on his own work pursuing to find answers to these and to other crucial questions that arose along his long path of research.
 This first curated English version of his most enlightening and complete text has been enriched with a brand new iconographic apparatus from Soda Kazuhiro’s movies and a new updated introduction by the author himself.